Mens Breakfast Bible Study

mens-biblestudyThe Men’s Ministry meets for Breakfast / Bible Study at Denny’s in Royse City each Thursday. We meet at 7:15 AM and usually drink coffee while everyone is arriving. We order breakfast as we continue to talk and drink coffee. The food comes at 7:40 AM. We eat and start discussing the scriptures which were assigned the previous week. We’re usually out by 8:15 but if you need to leave earlier, feel free to do so. Several of us hang around for more coffee so just stay as long as you want.

If you have questions or just want to talk about it send an email to and someone will contact you.

If you need to know the scripture  we will be studying next week, click on events and find the date in question. We usually get the next week assignments each Thursday.

Each week as we leave, some of us pitch a dollar on the table for a men’s ministry fund. We collect this and although its not much, over time, it accumulates into a nice sum.
In 2017 we donated $600 to: Children’s Health Ministry (Servants of Christ)
In 2018 we donated $700 to: Children’s Health Ministry (Servants of Christ)
Our Friend and Lake Pointe member, “Sally Todd” is on staff there. Sally runs a malnutrition program for children and we were able to contribute to help purchase food for children.
In 2018 we also donated:
$200 to The Last Well (mission to provide safe drinking water in Libria)
$200 to Church Experience (a church plant in Tampa Bay Florida)
In 2019 we donated:
$400 to Church Experience (a church plant in Tampa Bay Florida)
$500 to  Children’s Health Ministry (Servants of Christ)

Denny’s is located  on I-30 just west of the intersection of FM-548 & I-30.
The address is:
201 W Hwy I-30
Royse City, TX 75189
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