growth-pic1Growth Groups are about friends sharing their lives with each other. It’s where you learn how to serve others in practical ways. Growth Groups consist of 6 to 10 members (3 to 5 married couples) that meet twice per month outside of their Life Group (LG). There are four ultimate goals of a Growth Group: Fellowship, Care, Discipleship and Encouragement.

Fellowship:  Fellowship is the first step in establishing a Growth Group. Your group will begin meeting together for refreshments or a meal. During these fellowships, your members will be getting to know each other in order to establish Christian friendships that will last a lifetime.

Care:  After your group has met several times for fellowship, you will then begin the second step in the Growth Group process – Care. Follow the steps on the Growth Groups System Chart to begin organizing your group for the needs that will arise.

bibleDiscipleship:  Discipleship happens when we pour out into each other’s lives what God has placed into our own. Are you growing stronger in your relationship with the Lord? Are you being used by God to nurture the faith of other believers? Are you helping others to know and love the Lord more fully? Do you seize opportunities to be taught by other believers?

guys-well1Encouragement:  This final step in the Growth Group process usually takes many months to achieve. Encouragement in a Growth Group should be same-gender groups: 5 men/5 ladies. These same-gender groups can meet anytime and just about anywhere. For best results, they should meet weekly.

Join a Group: If you would like to be a part of a Growth Group, Contact Ken Brown, Gary Vest, or send an email to info@snlp.org .