Brown Growth Group

The Brown Group meets on Sunday evenings at about 6:00 PM a couple times a month. We rotate the Host house so we are in a different place every time we meet.brown-growth-group

The first hour is a time of fellowship. The host usually provides snacks so that’s a part of the fellowship. We’ve been meeting for several months and have really developed some strong friendships.

The second hour is usually filled with bible study, followed by a time of prayer request, praises and share time. Sometimes we study from the bible and sometimes we work through a book written by a respected Christian Author.brown-group-study-1

Each of us has a prayer partner that we communicate with regularly. Sometimes we don’t have a immediate prayer need but we still talk to each other often, maybe just to check in. Our partners are man to man and woman to woman. We’ve grown fond of texting. It seems like a great way to keep up with each other.